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The Benefits of Obfuscated Vs. Manufactured Data

It is widely understood that manually generated test data is inadequate for all but the most trivial of testing. One reason is labor cost. Not only does it require an extensive amount of manual labor, but also requisite knowledge for producing meaningful test data is often high. Consequently, high cost personnel are often relied upon… Read more »

Auditing For Toxic Data

In today’s hypervigilant cybersecurity environment, business enterprises are doing everything they can to protect external access to their sensitive customer and business data. Major investments in security systems and processes are being implemented to cover every possibility of a breach due to infiltration from the outside. This is due, in large part, to the rising… Read more »

Acceletest: A Complete Solution for Complex Data Testing Environments

Over the past decade, IT departments in the health services sector have been busy complying with the HIPAA Security Rule and HITECH’s mandates on electronic medical records (EMR), while also striving to keep up with ever- evolving data security threats. Yet according to the 2017 Emerging Cyber Threats, Trends & Technologies Report, health services was… Read more »

Lower Environment Data Exposure

It is common practice in the IT industry to use production data in lower environments for use in software development, testing and training. The reasons for this are generally due to the complexity of production data and the difficulty in generating representative test data that meets all of the naturally occurring combinations of data conditions found in raw production data. Unfortunately, this practice dramatically increases the exposure an organization has to the possibility of private customer data being leaked outside of the organization either accidentally or deliberately. This increased risk of a data breach exposes the organization to legal, financial and reputational risk, including damage to the company’s brand, fines, and even imprisonment.