Most organizations use sensitive production data for development and testing, exposing it to software developers and testers, contract workers and offshore providers.

As more and more sensitive data is moved to the lower environments, it becomes increasingly difficult to assess where this toxic data is located.

Acceletest can find it, quickly and easily.


43 % of Data Breaches Are Caused By Insiders.

Source: Intel Security Grand Theft Data


Acceletest's audit utility finds sensitive data in the lower environments by comparing the values in those environments to those in the production system.

  • Quickly locate toxic data in development and test environments
  • Identify actual sensitive data, not look-alike records
  • Compare data across multiple platforms simply and quickly
  • Identify matches in data sets through web-based reports
  • Set automated reports to run at regular intervals

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Acceletest is easily implemented. You have the flexibility to license Acceletest as a stand-alone product or leverage the power of Meridian’s technology services team to manage your test data for you. Meridian’s “test data as a service” (TDaaS) addresses the two key challenges that security-minded organizations must address: de-identifying sensitive data and efficiently delivering it to the development and test teams that need it.