Case Study – Audit for Sensitive Data

Acceletest Saves Large Health Insurance Company Over $1M
Through Audit Automation


Meridian Technologies was engaged to audit the lower environments of one of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations to find instances of live production data, such as Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).   The client was concerned about the presence of sensitive data in non-production environments where it is far more susceptible to compromise by internal than external forces. In a complex environment with over 4,000 tables and an excess of 100 billion records, this audit would be no small task.  It was also likely that combinations of previously obfuscated data and copies of live data would be present. Tools to scan for data that resembled PHI/PII, but may not actually be, would produce many false positives and be ineffective. Because of our expertise in dealing with challenging problems like these, Meridian was asked to take on the project.


Through an innovative and unique software solution within Acceletest , Meridian was able to automate the process of analyzing the records to find combinations of PHI & PII and compare them to production.   Positive matches identified the exact data that needed to remediation to secure the environment. Acceletest produced comprehensive results reports of toxic data requiring remediation, and configurations were automated for reuse in scheduled and ad-hoc intervals to alleviate risk exposure in remediated datasets.


Using Acceletest to automate manual processes, Meridian was able to reduce the time and expense of a PHI audit and remediation by over 80%, taking several man-years off the project and saving the client several million dollars. Exposure risks were mitigated much faster than otherwise possible and at a significant financial savings to the client.  The second phase of this project will be to transform toxic data to protect the identities and personal details of their subscribers. Using Acceletest‘s data extraction and obfuscation engines, this capability is already in place for the client to easily remediate the problems and significantly improve sensitive data security.

Download the pdf. Acceletest Case Study – Audit Automation