Case Study – Acceletest Saves a Top 5 Bank $500,000 in Testing Costs


“Without Acceleest our project would have been well over budget and late!  I don’t know of another tool like it.”  Director, Quality Assurance


The Challenge

This global bank was executing a large project to consolidate and upgrade over 15 independent systems supporting loan servicing.  Extensive testing of the data transformations between source and target systems was required to validate this complex, and large-scale data migration.  The budget and schedule for this project were extremely tight.  Testing of all the data combinations manually, across all source and target systems, would have impossible in the timeframes available, and would have been cost prohibitive.  The company turned to Acceletest to fully automate the validation of their data migration.


The Solution

Acceletest Compare enabled our client to fully automate both initial testing, and repeated regression testing, of their data migration processes.  Acceletest also provided comprehensive audit trail reporting of all differences (adds, changes, deletes) between the source and target systems.  This was a complex system, comprised of 15 disparate source and target platforms.  Acceletest automates the comparison of data across multiple platforms.  If done manually this testing would have taken a large team of analysts several months to complete.  With Acceletest, our client was able to complete their testing with one analyst in a matter of weeks.


The Results

Acceletest enabled our client to complete their data migration project on time and on budget.  Without Acceletest, the company would have had to invest in more resources, and add months to the schedule, to complete the project.  The project would have been significantly late and over budget, impacting business operations and customer satisfaction.  Acceletest saved our client over $500,000 in testing costs, and shaved a full year off of their project schedule.


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