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60% of your risk for a data breach

Is in your dev and test environments
Most organizations use sensitive production data for development, testing and training. How are you protecting the sensitive information in your test data? Acceletest is a complete solution for fast, efficient, and secure sourcing and masking of production data for testing.

"The average cost of a data breach in 2016 was $7 Million."

Source: Ponemon Institute, 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study


Acceletest is an enterprise solution designed to work within large-scale and complex data testing environments. WE MAKE IT SIMPLE for you to efficiently and securely test with live production data.

Acceletest was developed FOR USE BY TESTING AND BUSINESS ANALYSTS – not by technology staff in support of testing. That means you don’t have to understand how complex database functions work, or how to write SQL, to be able to create test data.

ACCELETEST TAKES THE COMPLEXITY OUT OF RIGHT-SIZING YOUR PRODUCTION DATA. While we can subset data on simple criteria such as the number of records needed, Acceletest also utilizes rules-based technology to intelligently create subsets of production data that meet all of your complex test criteria.

By intelligently subsetting your data based on business rules, Acceletest dramatically reduces your data storage costs and test cycle time. THE RESULT IS BETTER DATA FASTER AND AT LOWER OVERALL COST.

ACCELETEST ACCELERATES THE TESTING PROCESS through automated data comparison that ensures differences in data sets can be quickly identified and properly analyzed.

ACCELETEST IMPROVES EFFICIENCY WITH automated and repeatable processes for the creation and management of data subsets.

"43% of data breaches are caused by insiders."

Source: Intel Security "Grand Theft Data.”




  • Parallel execution of masking rules
  • Automatically spins up threads based on the number of CPU cores
  • Develops a 'plan' for loads based on RI constraints or the lack thereof
  • Performs dependency analysis and keeps a work queue that prioritizes based on topographical sort
  • Minimizes table locks by avoiding long running transactions
  • B-Trees for fast search during sub-setting and masking


  • Cryptographic hash is used to avoid storing sensitive data within Acceletest.
  • Masks the data "in-flight" to avoid landing sensitive data outside of production


  • Auto wiring to automatically import defined intra-database relationships
  • Support for self-referencing tables
  • Support for multiple foreign key relationships in the same table
  • Support for multi-part foreign key
  • Database-specific SQL


Acceletest employs a requirements driven rules engine to create real test data from live production data. Simultaneously subset, transform, and protect using a single automated, repeatable process.

  • Sub-setting is hard. Few people can write a query to subset a 1000 table database. Acceletest automated all of that by importing the defined relationships in a database and utilizing them to subset.
  • Data-sub-setting definitions can be reused and replicated to maximize productivity of the test team.
  • Business rules based engine creates meaningful subsets of production data that are automatically generated after an easy, one-time setup.
  • Creates complete, referentially intact data subsets without the need for developers.


Acceletest's test data management services provide an easy, cost-effective way to protect sensitive data in non-production environments.
  • Consistently masks data within and across databases, retaining referential integrity.
  • De-identifies and secures data “in flight” as part of unified data extraction workflow.
  • Proprietary rules engine irreversibly de-identifies the data, transforming sensitive data in a way that cannot be reverse engineered.
  • Delivers secure data to development and testing teams, quickly and cost-effectively.
  • De-identifies data without the need for expensive development skills or training.
  • Supported De-Identification Methods:
    • Random
    • Random with Mask
    • Hash
    • Domain List
    • SSN Conformant
    • Percent Variance
    • Date Variance
    • Custom Script

Acceletest's compare is an innovative test data comparison utility that compares millions of records across multiple platforms simply and quickly. DESIGNED FOR USE BY NON-TECHNICAL USERS, COMPARE ALLOWS ORGANIZATIONS TO:

  • Run expedient, automated comparisons of expected vs. actual results.
  • Quickly identify differences in data sets through web-based reports.
  • Match records between baseline and target datasets.
  • Compare heterogeneous data platforms.
  • Compare single tables to entire databases at once.
  • Run reports on a schedule.
Acceletest is easily implemented. You have the flexibility to license Acceletest as a stand-alone product or leverage the power of Meridian’s technology services team to manage your test data for you. Meridian’s “test data as a service” (TDaaS) addresses the two key challenges that security-minded organizations must address: de-identifying sensitive data and efficiently delivering it to the development and test teams that need it.

"Organizations should use data masking to protect sensitive data at rest and in transit from insiders' and outsiders' attacks."

Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology Worldwide. Dec 2015